Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why I Should Be the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger: An Essay

Hello Peeps!!

As many of my readers know, I'm competing to win the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger job.  We are currently in the final round of voting with only 20 contestants and the Top 10 moving on to interviews for this great opportunity.

I wanted to take a minute to really layout why I strongly believe that I am the best candidate for this position.  There has been a lot of chatter amongst the contestants and their supporters, about why each individual is the best for the position and while I recognize all of their strengths, I do believe some key areas are being overlooked.

My Network: Toronto
There has been a lot of conversation about contestants' passion for BMW, their blogging abilities and their obsession for performance.  NO ONE has been talking about Toronto (GTA), their influence in the online community and how they can benefit Endras BMW.

Isn't this what we're really talking about here?  I guess I can't know for sure what Endras BMW's goals are for this campaign, but I'd bet that they're looking to extend their exposure across this area and are hiring the Ultimate Blogger to do just that.  I mean, if they wanted the ultimate gear head, they'd be better off hiring a pro race car driver or something.  But they aren't (at least I don't think so), they're looking for someone like me, with great contacts and networks in various industries, professionally and socially, across Toronto.

I was doing some research on the first phase of this contest and in this stage alone I amassed just over 400,000 possible impressions on Twitter.  That was due to the fact that I was tweeting the heck out of this contest many, many times daily; but more importantly, this was because of who I was tweeting too.  My network on Twitter includes some of the best All-Stars in the Toronto tech community. Top bloggers, communications, PR, marketing and ad people of all types, entrepreneurs, community managers for large corporations and every thing in between all the way down to your casual twitter users.

Many people in the contest don't even have Twitter, a blog, or live in Canada, let alone Toronto.  I don't want to seem like I'm discriminating based on location, but it's quite simply math.  If I have 2000 Twitter followers, mostly in Toronto and contestant X has 50 followers mostly outside of Toronto, who do you think is better equipped to spread Endras BMW's message to their key target audience?

While Twitter, blogging and social media is a large component, the largest component; there are other related skills that are unique to me which are well suited to this position.  I have a graduate certificate in public relations and a Master in Communications.  In this time I learned, at the highest level, what it takes to be an effective communicator and brand ambassador.  For more info on what I'm talking about see this previous blog post.  In my studies I've also done grad level research on the automotive industry with focus on the climate of their online dealership networks, which would be a tremendous asset to this job.

As well, my work in the special events and entertainment industry in Toronto and across Canada has positioned me to hear about and execute opportunities that no one else can.  I'm no stranger to working on launch events (for car dealerships and other companies), red carpet events, Fashion shows, Toronto International Film Festival parties and so forth.  I regularly attend galas and all types of premier events in Toronto and you can be sure that if I was the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger, that I'd be representing and promoting their good name every chance I get.

In a years time, it would be near impossible for someone else to create a network like the one that has taken me over a decade to put together.  Not only that, thanks to my experience and love for Toronto, I have the knowledge about which areas, events and opportunities to be proactively targeting as the Ultimate Blogger.  Others, especially foreigners to Toronto, would be playing serious catch up to promote Endras BMW in ways I can and have already.

In areas where I'm similar to other contestants, like them, I have a passion for BMW.  Some of us more than others and I have to say, if this job isn't in my cards, I really hope a true enthusiast gets it.  There are some competitors, right from the outset, that have voiced negativity towards the great BMW brand and some that are quite simply, not very knowledgeable about BMWs.  As a long time member of various local and international [online] BMW car communities, I know the sentiments of the true die-hards and believe me, they want someone who bleeds Bavarian blue to be the Ultimate Blogger.

Like other contestants, I'm obsessed with performance.  I'll come right out and say that I'm not the most experienced competitor in this contest when it comes to BMW track days. But as a long time enthusiast and as a young adult who grew up during the hype of all the Fast and Furious movies, I can tell you that I've spent my fair share of pennies on my sweet rides.  Rims, performance exhausts, coilovers, midpipes, cold air intakes, cam shafts, you name it and I've probably saved up to buy it once in my life.  And with regards to the overall car community in Toronto, I do not believe any other competitor has the network I do for local car clubs, tuners, part shops and event promoters.  (not that I claim to be a Toronto car guru, but definitely more established than others in this contest currently)

BMW is a brand about innovation and balance, amongst other things.  I think those attributes best describe me as a candidate for the Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger position.  In this contest, most that can blog and have a good handle on social media, aren't the biggest BMW enthusiasts (with regards to the other competitors).  Those that are the die-hard BMW fans, aren't the best bloggers and online people.  The few that maybe do have a good handle on both, certainly don't have the network in Toronto that I have.  I'm well rounded, if not an expert, in every major capacity that the Ultimate Blogger job requires.

Please help my bid to win my dream job.  Although I may be the best candidate, I still need support and votes to keep me in the Top 10 and get me an interview.  Recently I created a light-hearted and fun video as part of my second round submission.  I hope you find it entertaining and lend me your votes!

To view the video and vote click below:

Shawn Hawaii's Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger Page

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!  Much Love!!