Friday, 18 February 2011

BMW Ultimate Blogger!

Hello All!!

So exciting to FINALLY be Bloggin at y'all.

Signing up to try and be Endras BMW's Ultimate Blogger was the added motivation I couldn't ignore.

Man I want this job!

Basically, Endras BMW (formerly Durham BMW) is looking for an "Ultimate Blogger", slash, online community manager, brand ambassador type, and frankly, I think I'm VERY well suited to the task.

I'm a huge BMW mark (die hard super geek), have been ever since I could remember.  I've owned a fair share of BMWs and currently drive an M3.  There's just something about the performance and driving characteristics of a BMW that makes it hard for me to see myself being loyal to anything other than the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Did I mention that this job has some kick-ass perks like getting use of a company BMW car and living accommodations.  Yeah, pretty sweet.

It's going to be tough.  I'm going up against more "seasoned" bloggers, and although the competition is still in its infancy, I'm really going to need some votes to make it into the second round of considerations (Ninja tests etc - I'm not worried about this part I been practicing).

I'm confident I'm the Dude for this job!  I've grown up around BMWs.  I've worked at a BMW dealership as a car jockey.  I've done all kinds of graduate level research on the auto industry, with focus on dealership websites, and I've even interviewed someone from BMW Canada once. Combined with my Master in Professional Communication and my passion for the BMW brand, I think that I'm a leading candidate to be the Ultimate Blogger.

So please LEND YOUR SUPPORT (YEAH YOU!).  Voting doesn't require you signing up to anything or leaving an email, just click on the link and VOTE:

Endras BMW Ultimate Blogger 2011

Much love to everyone!

Shawn Hawaii

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