Monday, 21 February 2011

Wedding SURPRISE and a Hell of a Night

Hello Peeps!

Wow rough day Today.  I'm recovering from a wild night spent at my friends Dean and Michelle's Wedding.

I was quite honored when Dean asked me to introduce him and his Bride into the reception.  It was a quick short thing, but I practiced a few times to make sure the wording was classy while still relaying enthusiasm.   Everyone was buzzing on wine already and so excited to receive the Bride and Groom that I don't think anyone even heard me towards the end.  Still, it was great!

Since I had to be at the wedding pretty early meant that by 9 p.m. or so I was wasted.  I'm not a big drinker and there's only so many glasses of wine and cocktails a Dude can take before...well you know.

I didn't know that many people at the wedding, but the few that I did I consider good friends.  Dean also has a lot of family and friends that have been previous clients of mine, with my work over at Magen Boys Entertainment.  So it was nice to catch up with them (take mad shots at the bar).

BEST PART OF THE NIGHT was when Dean surprised his Bride with a very special "flash mob" style performance of "Be My Bride" a play on the classic Beauty and the Beast song.  Because I'm the best, I recorded it for your viewing pleasure.

After dinner was through the dancing really picked up.  I grabbed my friend Al (a hot chick) and we hit the dance floor pretty hard.  In fact, at one point I was really letting her have it and a group of like 3 older couples stopped us and commented on my "sexy" dance moves.  This was my John Travolta moment, total kick-ass.  I thanked my fans for their kindness and continued with my dance floor assault.

At about 11:30 p.m. we (you know, me and my crew) left the wedding to attend "The Long Weekend Drop Out" that Magen Boys Ent. was throwing over at London Tap House.  Magen Boys is owned and run by two of my best friends Page and Jian (twins) and this event featured Saved By The Bell's very own SCREECH.  Yeah, Dustin Diamond mofos!

Lots of good friends were there and my stupor continued uninterrupted into the better part of the early morning.  As we were leaving the club, being in the state that I was, it was decided that everyone was to attend a spontaneous Salad party.  Yes it's what you think, a party at a diner where everyone eats Salads.   Screech was in and so were all the ladies, you know, cause its salad.

We got to the Thomson hotel's Counter Diner and waited a little bit for a table (there was like Fity of us).   Some crazy shit was happening at the Thomson that night and the service was incredibly lousy.  Now I'm a big fan of the Thomson/Counter and I definitely give them the benefit of the doubt, but it was disappointing.  Most of us waited over 90min for a salad!  Apparently they had some staff walk-outs and what not, so I can be sympathetic to that, but the wait killed our buzz and broke up the party.

All in all, a good night!

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